A children's picture book celebrating all kinds of people, of all kinds of colour and of course

    all kinds of hair!


    Paperback and Hardback copies available below.

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    by Diana Muendo, Illustrated by Abby Hobbs

    The Big Hair Parade is a children's picture book about afro hair and addressing the universal girl's struggle with feeling good about the way we look with what hair we have.

    It is a celebration of Hair and the different superpower of all hair types - encouraging little girls everywhere, especially girls of colour, to embrace and celebrate their unique hairstyle and ultimately to love themselves!


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  • About The Author & Illustrator

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    The Author - Diana Muendo

    Diana Muendo is a children's book writer and a creative explorer. She is the founder of Creative Studio M.Y.O ('Make Your Own') and Creative Jungle. She is passionate about exploring all thing creative; from pottery to singing and writing children's books is her latest passion project.

    The Big Hair Parade is her first book, and the book she wishes she had when she was younger when she was self conscious about her hair.

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    The Illustrator - Abby Hobbs

    Abby Hobbs is an illustrator and an orange cat specialist (qualification not yet formally recognised).

    She is an avid reader of children's books and has illustrated several self-published books. She has over three years experience working with companies and individuals on illustration commissions.