A Doll Like Me

Celebrating Big Hair With Lottie Dolls

So a few weeks ago, the brilliant people at Lottie dolls got in touch about doing a guest post of Big Hair Parade on their newsletter that week!

I was absolutely honoured as Lottie Dolls is such an amazing brand. Their mission is to make dolls that are based on the average size of a 9 year old girl, as opposed to the narrow waisted Barbies that we often see. What’s more they empower children to celebrate themselves and play adventurously.

It couldn’t be a perfect fit with my mission with Big Hair Parade!

Lottie dolls inspired by real children

Dolls based on Real kids

What I love about the Lottie dolls is that not only do they capture childhood dreams and inspiration, they are also based on the most amazing little girls around the world

One of my favourites is the Stargazer doll inspired by the amazing Taylor Richardson who aims to be the first African American woman to go to Mars and was one of the youngest children ever to be admitted to space camp. This Lottie doll was also the first doll to ever go to Space.

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A doll like me (and Big Hair Parade’s Aisha!)

I was so excited to find the Mari doll which was inspired by Mari Copeny, a child activist in Michigan. The doll really reminded me of Aisha. I love that it’s not just a doll that showcases and celebrates Big Hair, but also the power of voice, and encourages children to use their voice, no matter how young, to start movements that can change the world! That really resonates with me and my beliefs and if anything I wish I had this type of encouragement when I was younger.

Why it's important for children to have realistic dolls

It is important for every child to interact with toys, read about characters and see role models in their daily life that reflect who they are and what they look like. These help them to understand themselves, and the part they play in society and in the world.

Seeing this happening more and more gives me such joy and hope for the next generation of girls and boys growing up! They have the opportunity to grow up embracing diversity, celebrating their own individuality and celebrating difference and the richness it adds to life.